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What colour capable to do to your home?

When you have bought your property, you need to do the renovation and that is where interior design comes in. You can easily change the look or feel of a room by redressing the walls. You just have to do the mixing and matching of colours correctly.

Colour takes a very important role in interior design. It it international visual language. People can actually communicate their thoughts through colour, like what is the interior design try to tell people. Therefore, you must understand colour first before you start your interior design. You need to know how they behave, what is their character and what are the moods brought by these colours.

Colour will actually change their character if you modify its lightness and saturation. Hence, you will need to pick the shade for colour instead of just choosing the particular colour.

If you want to make your rooms feels larger and brighter, choose light colour. On the other hand, dark colours make rooms feel more intimate and warm.

Colour can behave in three ways which are active, passive and neutral. Active colours are warm colours, including yellow, orange and red. They inspire positiveness and confidence. Passive colours are like blues, greens and purples. They pacify and restore. Neutral colours do not activate and pacify, for example Beiges, grays, whites and taupes. They work with other colours.

Colour can also cause the environment of room under stimulated or overstimulated. An under stimulated environment is caused by the weak intensity of the colours whereas overstimulated environment are caused by the highly saturated colours and high complexity of visual patterns.

Options of colour are important because it can bring huge impact to the ambience and atmosphere of one place. For example, blue and green create calming ambience which is suitable for bedroom; purple colour can create formal atmosphere, you can use it in dining room; yellow colour can use in living room because it brings energetic.

Therefore, knowing what colours work where are important in interior design.