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Owning a car is every youngster’s dream; owning a property is the ultimate goal. Let’s be open about this topic today, the amount in your savings account is enough to buy a car and sufficient to pay for the down payment of a new house, which will you choose, a house or a car?

  • Benefits of buying a car

  • Convenience

By purchasing a car, you can bring yourself to places without depending on others, don’t have to be cramped up in public transports,you can even fetch your loved ones out on a road trips! With that, your circle of friends will be wider and you will meet new people.

  • Low stress level

Buying a car can lessen your stress as the repayment is low and the amount is lower than a property. You are an executive, “touch wood” if you are unable to make the monthly repayment and you’ll have to borrow money from your friends and family to make the repayment, it will look awful on you. It is a 20 years long commitment to repay the loan with interests, not to mention the amount of money you’ll need for the renovation! In comparison between a car and a house, a car will cost around 50 – 60 thousand, monthly repayment will be lower than a property, still within your capability.

  • Value

Once you have your own vehicle, your work efficiency will get better, your relationship with your friends will also improve and people skills.


  • Benefits of buying a property

  • Investment

Buying a car is a consumption while buying a property is an investment. After buying a house, the price is likely to increase, as the market will never have a drop on property prices. In a few years, the total price of the house may increase by 200 thousand to 300 thousand. However after purchasing a car, your car will depreciate by more than half of the price your purchased it, it also depends on your car’s model to determine the resale value.

  • Motivation

As mentioned in the beginning, purchasing the house would be the ultimate goal, the feeling of fulfilment when you finally get the keys to your own place. It will be a motivation to yourself in becoming better and fulfil more life goals that you have. This is just one level of achievement unlock, who knows what more you can achieve if you keep up with good progress on yourself!

  • Sense of belonging

If you do not have a property to call your own, you will be renting houses outside and there is a possibility that you might not be able to stabilize yourself. No matter if it’s looking for a job or even your other half, it will be stressful for you. If you are married, you will have to worry about your happily ever after, will it be as planned? Will you have a happy life? After all, there is no sense of belonging, the rent will be paid to the owner of the property every month, it is similar to paying your monthly loan repayment. If you can pay your rent every month, why can’t you pay for your own home? After all, if you have your own home, you won’t have to worry about your landlord wanting you and your family to shift houses out of sudden notice. You are able to decorate your own place however you like, invite friends and family over for gathering sessions and more. A house can give you the best sense of security and belonging, not to worry that one day you will be homeless.


Those who choose to buy car first:

Just started working for 2 – 3 years, lifestyle & attitude towards life is free and easy.  At the same time, in the midst of career development, buying a house doesn’t seem like something important to individuals, the commitment will be too heavy to bare and it will make it hard for them to make ends meet. If they have the financial freedom, but still cant afford to save up enough for the down payment for a property, then buying a car is the best investment they can make, as they need a vehicle to allow them to move around. Buying a car can also inspire millenials to work harder and fight for the future.


Those who choose to buy property first:

Matured career, financially strong and stable, might already have a family of their own.The priority is different as these people consider their family to come first, they might not have a vehicle of their own, they could be driving their  parent’s old car, however they prefer to have a stable roof above their head before any other investments. Cars depreciate the moment someone buys it, however for houses, it only increases in value. These bunch of people understand the meaning of responsibility they hold.They firmly believe that they have the capability on paying rent every month so why help other people to pay the mortgage loan while they can do it for themselves. At the end of the day it is an achievement to be proud about.


Whether to purchase a car or a house first, this question itself is not important. What matters is that we have to be strong and independent on our own. When you are strong and successful, you can have all that you desire, no matter the models of the car or the size of the property. Do not let society define you of the person you are by the car you drive or the location you live at, be the person you see yourself to be and want yourself to be.

Finally, making the decision to buy a house and a car is a big decision too, do not put your decisions in the hands of peer pressure or let others influence you to do things you don’t want to do, after all, the commitments are paid monthly by you and no one else!

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