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Change Malaysia through Real Estate – Part 4 ( The Marketeer )


Marketing is all about connecting what one has to offer to what people want and need. Did you know that your real estate agent is also a marketeer?


In real estate, we have several broad overarching categories. For example, residential, commercial, industrial and land. And under each category, the list goes deeper! With so much to offer, the looming question of every other agent out there is and will always be… where is that one buyer? 


It’s like looking for a soulmate. It’s food for thought. Marketing a property vs. “putting yourself out there”. Are they any different?


In any transaction, be it real estate or even a day to day simple conversation, marketing (or “putting ourselves out there”) is about communicating our wants and needs to the other. And you never get it right the first time except you lucky few out there (real estate and soulmate-wise)!


Marketing is about finding that win-win solution. Not win-lose, lose-win nor lose-lose. Win-win. Simply put, isn’t that the secret sauce to a successful relationship? 


Are you beginning to see what it means to market a property as a real estate agent?


So, what’s in it for you? As a fellow owner or potential owner of real estate, we are inviting you to make help us change the real estate industry. But at the same time, help make things easier for you in finding your dream piece of real estate. And it’s easy as 1,2,3.. and 4. 


  1. Start by figuring out your real estate needs. Why do you really need real estate now?
  2. Make your needs clear to your favourite real estate agent. 
  3. Make your agent understand that you want to help him/her find that win-win solution, which ends with a happy you and happy them. 
  4. If they agree to a win-win relationship, work with them, not against them. 


By the way, we’re not saying do the work for your agent. We’re saying communicate with them. Make them think, just as we are making you think. The key here is to find a win-win relationship. And never sell each other short!


In summary, whether you’re an agent or not, marketing isn’t rocket science. Its simply about two parties finding a win-win outcome. A willing seller and a willing buyer.


This article is contributed by; Coach Alexander See, Co- Founder of Propcoach



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