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Change Malaysia through Real Estate – Part 6 ( The Community Leader )

What you would typically hear about becoming a real estate agent is… money. A lot of money. 


And yes, you’re right. But real estate isn’t just about sales. It’s also about true leadership. 


We already know that real estate professionals deal with huge sums of money with all sorts of people. This, on its own, is already a form of great leadership, but in the guise of sales. Food for thought: Has it occurred to you that to lead, you need to sell?


But have you also thought about who they have to lead? 


After getting into the industry 8 years ago and having met so many real estate agents, the simple reason why people join the real estate (at least here in Malaysia) is to bring positive change. These people have grown sick and tired of life happening to them. They have reached a tipping point. They have had enough working for an employer who seeks personal gain, who takes them for granted, who puts them down. 


They are also people who have decided that they shall no longer be a victim of life. They will not stand for a bleak future for their children. They want to ease the suffering, if not, rid the pain of their sick parents. All in all, they want positive change, and they have decided to take action


Now, imagine leading a group of people who come from such circumstances, and you have nothing but their own unique dreams to offer (no salary because it’s all commission-based). How would you bring a group of people like that together? How would you take them forward?


It’s about the ability to deal with uncertainty. It’s about the ability to motivate, not blindly but with direction. It’s about the ability to work across cultures. It’s about the ability to facilitate change within an individual when all they see is a dark and grim future. Can you?


And the truth is not everyone makes it. Even the brightest and most driven don’t.


“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” -John C. Maxwell-


Yes, there will always be the argument of the leader not knowing what they were doing, etc. And yes, it is about upskilling ourselves. And the real deal is we all fail. But to fail and yet have the will to keep going, that right there is the essence of leadership. 


This is what the industry stands for. It’s not for the faint of heart. 


And this is what it takes to be a true real estate agent, a true community leader. 


This article is contributed by; Coach Alexander See, Co- Founder of Propcoach


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