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Worried you can’t buy a house with a monthly salary of RM2500? Here’s tips on how you can apply for the affordable housing plan (PR1MA).

Perumahan Rakyat 1 Malaysia ( PR1MA) stated they have built 80 thousand affordable houses around Malaysia, they also announced that they are open for registration online. PR1MA’s housing price ranges  from approximately RM1000,000.00 – Rm4000,000.00. If you or your family’s monthly salary is between RM2500 – RM10,000.00 you can apply for this scheme now!


Application condition:


  • Must be a Malaysian citizen
  • Must be 21 years of age and above
  • Individually & married couple that has not more than 1 property
  • Individual or family ( married couple ), monthly salary between RM2500 – RM7500 (Includes other income such as allowances, bonuses, commissions, etc)


Documents needed for PR1MA application:


  • Employer Verification Letter
  • EA/B form
  • EPF Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Salary slip
  • Other documents ( such as state requested documents )


Application steps are as follow:


  • Registration:

– Login to the PR1MA website to register and fill out simple personal information such as name, IC Number, Nationality, phone number & etc.

– Activate your PR1MA account in your email, once done, your registration is complete


  • Formally apply for PR1MA house

– First, fill in detailed personal information, including your personal income, home address, ownership of other property, income tax number & employer information.

– Second, before proceeding to the next page, make sure to save the information. After that, fill in the detailed partner information. The system will automatically add up the income of the couple.

– Third, if you have children, you will need to fill up the third page of information needed, if you do not, then you may ignore.

– Fourth, fill in the property of your possession, ( such as: type of property,size of property, address, owner & when you bought the property)

– Fifth, you will need to answer a few questions, ( such as: the location of the PR1MA house you desire, why do you want to purchase a new property, the type & size of property, the facilities  & etc ) .

– Sixth, you must download & print [ Borang Deklarasi ] or Declaration Form, sign and scan or take a picture of it , include other supporting documents such as IC & salary slip.


After completing the above steps, you may submit and after that you will receive a registration number. If a new property is launched, PR1MA will draw lots for applicants according to the location. It is that simple, so go on and try your luck today!

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