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Most buyers think that it is not important for them to have their agent ( Buyer Agent ) as the seller already has their Seller Ganet. Keep in mind, Seller Agent does things that help to preserve the interest of the seller and not the buyer.

Deal with Single Party                                                                                                                                                The buyer will only have to deal with the agent and don’t have to face the problem of dealing with a lot of sellers. There must be requirements in choosing the property, thus having a buyer agent will help to eliminate all that hassle and choose only the best ones for you.

Seller Agent Takes Car of Seller’s Interest                                                                                                                  Seller Agent will obviously help in securing the interest of the seller and not the buyer. If the buyer wants to secure their interest, they should hire their own agent. A Buyer Agent will assist and fight for you to get your dream property for the lowest price possible.

Agents are Better at Negotiation                                                                                                                                   In purchasing any kind of property, you will have to go through the negotiation process where you will need a lot of knowledge to do so. A Buyer Agent should have enough knowledge in negotiating so they will have a higher possibility to get the price lower. You will not need to waste your time and energy in negotiating for the price because they will negotiate on your behalf.


Doing things on your own is not bad but if you have the alternative to get things done easier, why won’t you? By engaging a Buyer Agent, you tend to make a better deal and thus you will save more energy and time.


Source: Star Property, November, 2019 ( Why you need to engage a buyer agent service ) 

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