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An individual should have a broad knowledge and do a lot of research to buy a house. Purchasing a house is not as simple as just knowing the price and size. These are the common two things that a potential homeowner usually sis not pay attention to before buying a house.

Comparing Housing Loans                                                                                                                                             No mortgage has the same features and 100% identical to each other. The problem is that people only look for a loan that they can get approval but not for their best future interest. There are so many options for the mortgage out there for potential buyers. They just need to make some research and pick the best, especially for their future.

Get Pre- Approval                                                                                                                                                         Getting a pre-approval is very important as it can give you a glimpse of what are you sticking your head to. For example, the price range of the house that you can buy and how much you will need to pay for the monthly installment. Having this advantage can ensure those who already got the pre-approval have a higher possibility to get a very limited house especially when it is on sale. Even though it is just only pre-approval, the lender will still do background research on your income, credit score as well as credit history. Hence, you just need to be prepared with the requirements and documentation when you finally applying for the loan.

These are the two most common things that usually being neglected by the home buyers. For now, the benefits are still unclear but later you will be glad that you spent your time to compare the mortgages. The pre- approval sometimes might seem troublesome but it makes the application process easier and smoother.


Source: Star Property, July, 2019 ( 5 steps to getting your finances in order to buy a property ) 

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