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Become The Master of Your Internal World To Succeed in Real Estate

Having run PropCoach for a while now, the one thing, which has not only withstood the test of time and still remains as one of the most important elements when Coach Taco and I train and coach agents, is mindset (a.k.a confidence). 


Crossing paths with the countless souls who have taken that leap of faith into real estate, you can’t help but begin to see patterns. Not just any pattern. Thought patterns. You begin to truly see what goes on within the minds of people as they first join the real estate, as they make their first deal, as they make their first million, as they start their own team, as they start their own agency. Overall, you begin to see how individuals react to their everyday challenges; how they overcome adversity, and if not, be consumed by pain and negativity. 


Many would say it’s just the survival of the fittest; the strongest survive (make lots of money), and the weak perish (leave the industry). Originating from the Darwinian evolution theory, the phrase “survival of the fittest” is a way of describing (in a layman way) the key mechanism of natural selection which is a key process in the evolution of all living beings. Basically, imagine a bunch of old men educated in science attempting to explain how all living beings (including the human race) impact one another, grow with the environment in mind, and ultimately evolve or go extinct over time. 


So, why have we brought this up? 


Just as the patterns that we have seen, even the most pertinent theories of biology and life have been about how the external world or environment affects our human ability to survive and thrive. And this is exactly the problem that we see. 


To date, human beings have become masters in the art of building our physical world, from skyscrapers to electric cars to space travel. And in most parts of the world today, human beings have access to shelter, food, water, clothing, sleep, and air. The bottom line is most of us can fulfill our physiological needs, and as the human race, we are most definitely progressing forwards. 


But (and this one is for those of us who are fortunate enough to have all our physiological needs met) why is depression going up? Why are suicide rates going up? And the average age of suicide is getting younger! Why? Has life become so unbearable? Are we are now unable to feed ourselves? Are we losing our ability to survive?


In real estate, we see the same workings of the mind. We see fear. The fear of failure at the start of the career. The fear of looking bad and what others will say of them. The fear of rejection by a complete stranger. The fear of losing their livelihood.


All in all, the pattern is we are simply obsessed with “controlling” our physical world which is beyond control. The big problem is what are we doing about controlling the things that go through our minds? What about our internal world and universe?


And so, the deeper we go with our coaching business, the more we have realized the importance of becoming the masters of our internal world. And it is about understanding the relationship between our thoughts and how our thoughts have a direct effect on our actions and behaviors which includes fear, depression, and suicide. They are real pandemic diseases (of the mind) that plaque the entire human race but yet come with no cure, and worst of all, which have become a norm of human society fading into the background. 


Do we not care for life? Or have we given up, ignoring the lives that are taken by inner demons?


And it all starts with mindfulness, ie. to be mindful of our own thoughts and how they affect the way we feel. And it’s no wonder why many people live day to day falling victim to external circumstances. 


With technology and social media, everything about our world is becoming more and more fast-paced. Every day, we are bombarded with external stimuli, not just our smart devices but also by the people whom we interact with through the course of work and life; our co-workers, our clients, our bosses, our employees, our friends, our family members, our significant other. 


With such a huge list of things and people to think about, how in the world are we supposed to find time for ourselves? Let alone be mindful of our internal world!


And this is exactly what we do with our clients through PropCoach. 


Each and every one of us is born an explorer. And like how an explorer would seek lost treasure, we seek in our lives for gifts like love, acceptance and true confidence. 


But like lost treasure, your greatest gifts come from the bottom. 


It will take deep diving and the journey will not be easy. And just as you would train your body for the journey ahead and learn to dive deep to seek for lost treasure, you would also have to train your mind and learn to navigate through your own sea of thoughts and emotions to find your unique identity, to embrace your unique self and everything that you are. 


The simple truth is true confidence is not rooted in our external world. It is founded within the darkest, deepest corners of our minds, where our greatest inner demons dwell. 


There is a saying that on the other side of fear is greatness. And so, it’s a choice.


Will you cower to your inner demons? Or will you slay those same beasts which guard your greatest treasures?


Yours truly,

-Coach Alex-


This article is contributed by; Coach Alexander See, Co- Founder of Propcoach


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