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Things To Do During The Movement Control Order

Ever since the Prime Minister announced that Malaysia will be under the movement control order from the 18th till the 31st of March, most Malaysians went into Panic mode and some of us who are social butterflies, might take this MCO (movement control order) as if it is the end if the world. Relax! It isn’t, in fact here are a few things u can do while being at home during this period!

1) Read a Book
– Maybe we don’t have much time to do these activities, you might have been busy with going out and socializing, so grab a book or go online and look for e-books and start enhancing your language skills, as well as broaden your knowledge.

2) Do Some Painting
– Have you always liked painting but due to your busy schedule, you’ve put off painting for a while? Then you should start looking for your creative self! Paint and explore, don’t be afraid to express yourself and enjoy your “me time”.

3) Learn how to cook
-If you’ve been saving recipes from Facebook, it’s time to get cooking in the kitchen! Take this opportunity to try new recipes and spice up your time at home and take it as a self enhancement class, the best part is, you’ll get to share your cooking with your family!

4) Spring Cleaning
– Do you have a pile of clothes or a lot of old things that you never use anymore? Or do you even remember when was the last time you cleaned your house? Now is the best time to put away all the unwanted things and clean up your house! It can be a family activity, make sure to disinfect and sanitize your house while you are at it! You may give away your old things and clothes that are in good condition to the less fortunate!

5) Exercise at Home
– You won’t have much activity outside of your house, so doing some simple exercises at home will help you stay in shape! You can choose to do some planking, push ups, sit ups, squats and more! It’s a good time to keep yourself fit and healthy! If you need motivation, you can ask your parents or siblings or housemates to join you!

6) Self Discovery
-take this opportunity to find yourself, take time for yourself and enjoy your “me time”. Ask yourself what do you want and what can you do to be better than you are now. Also to better understand yourself.

7) Family Bonding
– most importantly, take this time to bond with your family, have a movie night, binge watch a drama with your mom and sister, wash the car with your dad and brother , play some board games, share stories and enjoy every day together as a family! This is the best time to care and bond with your family, we are all growing up while our parents and grandparents are growing old, every moment spent is a moment that’s worth more than gold!

There you have it guys! Things you can do during the movement control order! Remember to stay indoors and go out only when it’s necessary! Sanitize yourself and wear a mask if you are in public. United, we can get through this together, let’s all be responsible Malaysians and do our part to help reduce the spread of the Covid- 19 virus.

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