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What We Shouldn’t Do During The Movement Control Order

As we all know, the Covid 19 have been in the news since early of 2020 and ever since, more and more places and people are infected. Unfortunately Malaysia did not escape it’s fate as many Malaysians also fell ill and are fighting against the virus, measures have been made by our government in hopes to reduce the number of infected patients, however the number seems to be rapidly increasing with many infected people who refuses to abide by the Movement Restriction Order which was announced on the 16th of March at 10pm by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.


A Movement Control Order is to restrict or limit your movement in order to help reduce the number of infected people. Unfortunately, some Malaysians are stubborn and do not bother much about the MCO, here is a list on what you shouldn’t do during this crucial times.



  • Heading out unnecessarily
  • Go out from your house only when there is a need to, such as getting essential food items, daily necessities or medicine. If you need to head out to buy food, make sure to head home immediately after getting your food, do not loiter around the area, there might be a possibility of you being infected by the virus. It is announced by the government hat only one representative of the household or the head of the house is allowed to go out from the house to get the essential items.


  • Not wearing a face mask in public
  • It’s crucial to put on a facemask wherever you go as it’s desperate times and we have to learn how to protect ourselves and others and not be the irresponsible individual that might spread germs around to the people around us.


  • Not sanitizing yourself
  • Carry a bottle of sanitizer with you wherever you go, if you walked in public, touched the door handles in public, or even while shopping for your essential items, make sure to sanitize your hands properly before having contact with your eyes or mouth.


  • Panic buying
  • The crazy buying craze might be over, but we need to give all the panic buyers out there a heads up, you can stock up but please do not panic and buy the things you don’t need, just because you may think you’ll need the food or item at the time you were purchasing it, but there is a possibility that you might not eat or use it and you’ll only throw it out or waste it. Make sure to be considerate towards the other buyers out there, some families can’t afford to stock up so much and empty shelves will only make it harder for these families to survive during this crucial times, be a wise buyer, stop panic buying and don’t waste food.



  • Being Selfish
  • The numbers of the infected victims are on a rapid rise because even with the MCO being implemented, many of you choose to ignore it, you may not know the consequences, but staying at home is your responsibility during this crucial period, we need to stay united and do our part to help stop the spreading of the virus. For those who went back to their respective hometown, there is a possibility that you might have brought the virus with you as you’ll need 14 days to know if you’ve been infected or not, and that is why there is an increase of cases reported at rural areas in Malaysia. If you feel sick or unwell, you should immediately go to the doctor’s office to confirm it. With the MCO, the aim is to see who is sick and should get checked by the doctors, because you may not know you might infected.


Dear fellow Malaysians, we seek all of you to be considerate towards others, if there is no progress from this MCO, there is a possibility of an extension of this order, many businesses will be affected and we have to prepare ourselves for the worst if the number of cases do not stop at where it is already, the government will have to take more drastic measures to put all of this under control. We are all in this together, so we have to stay united to fight against this virus. The first step to it, is to stay at home.



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