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Useful Disinfectant Tips To Clean Your House

Germs, bacteria and viruses are the worst, and with all the news about Covid-19 and since all of us are under the MCO (Movement Control Order), it’s time for you to do some spring cleaning at home, it’s also a great activity to spend time with your family!


  • Disinfect your “High-Touch Surfaces”
  • High-touch surfaces means the things that you touch the most in a day. It is your door knobs, table surfaces, bathroom bidet, shower cap, washing basin, light switches, remote controls, game consoles, game controller and many more, as long as you’ve touched them more than once in a day, you’ll need to disinfect it. You can choose a clean cloth, spray on the sanitizer on the “high- touch surface”, and wipe it clean. It’s the best way to kill those bad germs and bacteria.


  • Laundry disinfecting
  • The clothes you wear might have germs and bacteria stuck on them , you can choose to disinfect by washing your clothes in hot water. Put in some vinegar in your detergent, it’ll help kill those bacteria. Make sure to rinse your clothes properly before hanging them out in the sun to dry, the best time to hang your clothes would be during the hot noon sun, from 12pm – 2pm, the sun is hot enough to kill the bacteria as well.


  • Disinfect your mobile phone, tablets and laptops
  • You should disinfect your devices at least once a week. You can do so with alcohol wipes that contains 70% of alcohol, so that it can kill the germs that are lingering on it, after wiping it off, use a dry tissue to wipe off the remaining alcohol left on your device and it’s as good as new, don’t forget to disinfect the device’s cover as well, as it might contains germs too!


  • Cleaning the windows, doors and floor
  • If you are going to mop the floors, wipe the doors and window, make sure to use anti bacterial soap, you may add some vinegar into the soap or even some alcohol. It will help you to clean the house properly without giving the germs a place to breed and spread the virus.


  • Homemade disinfectants and sanitizers
  • If the stores ran out of disinfectants and sanitizers, you can make your own! You can mix some vinegar and aloe vera gel to make yourself some homemade gel sanitizer, if you have the need to add alcohol into the mixture, make sure it’s not more than 100ml. For the spray type, you’ll need vinegar, alcohol and water, mix well and there you have it, your own homemade sanitizers and disinfectants.


Cleaning can also be a good exercise to help you keep fit during this stay at home period, you’ll also get to have some family bonding time, so share this article with them and fight against the germs! Happy cleaning!


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