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12 Easy and Effective Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

In a fierce property marketplace and intense competition, real estate professionals will need to step up their marketing efforts to grab the attention of their potential clients. Today, buying ads or promoting on Facebook and Instagram may not be enough. Complementing it with other marketing strategies and tactics on both traditional and online platforms may yield better returns. Here are some easy and effective marketing strategies used by successful real estate agents to promote themselves and how you too, can apply these tactics to grow your business and generate more leads.


1. Build a social media footprint

With millions of people scrolling for information online, you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities if you do not have a social media presence. Set yourself on all the social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Post regular updates of your property listings, success stories, and client testimonials. Include hashtags and social sharing buttons on each of these platforms so that it can be shared across all channels. 


2. Hire a professional photographer and video specialists

Engage a professional photographer who specialises in real estate to capture beautiful pictures of the properties on sale. A poorly taken image can spoil the chances of you engaging a possible client, even if the property boasts all the best features. Use videos to compliment your photographs. Include virtual tours to show the comprehensive view of both the interior and exterior of the property, such as living rooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, or even sceneries. These days, drones are also gaining popularity with its neat effects which make videos much more appealing and exciting.


3. Develop a website 

Consumers today make major purchase decisions by surfing online to check for information, including on websites. Develop a website that is both aesthetically presentable and highly functional. With more people surfing on their mobile phones, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly. List and showcase all the available properties on offer and update them regularly. Some sites even include a simple search form for potential clients to narrow down a particular property they are looking for, according to location, amenities, and budget. You may also display the most updated home loan rates on your site and include a simple online mortgage calculator as an additional resource that may be useful for them.


4. Publish articles or blogs

On top of posting regularly on social media, you should start a blog on your website and publish articles on homeownership and infographics that will attract traffic to your site. Be sure to make your content search engine optimised with keywords that will rank your website better on Google. You can consider using a free tool such as Ubersuggest to identify the best keywords that will work to your advantage. Some content ideas for your blog could be, “How to save for your dream home” or, “Why some homes sell faster”. You can also share snippets of key findings from a news report or research with regards to homeownership.


5. Create an email marketing campaign

Now that you have a blog, push out your content via an email marketing campaign. Encourage new visitors to subscribe to your email list from your website and grow your network. Create a monthly newsletter and include your latest blogs and updates on the properties, information on open houses, seminars, and free consultation events. 


6. Work with social media influencers

Get in touch with social media influencers with a special interest in properties or homes and furnishings who can help you reach hundreds of potential clients. Invite them to your open houses and get them to post relevant images and content that can help boost the interest of your event, properties, and garner more visitors and inquiries.


7. Know where your clients ‘hang out’

Knowing where your potential clients ‘hang out’ will help you determine the best marketing channels and tactics to reach them. For example, the younger and more tech-savvy homeowners may prefer getting feeds and information from social media channels. However, do not discount the ‘old school’ advertisements in newspapers, lifestyle, or property magazines, which can be effective for more traditional, mature or affluent clients. Choose a few channels consisting of traditional and online mediums to reach your clients.


8. Engage in public relations

One way to build a niche or be a thought leader in your business is to offer interviews on television and radio talk shows, podcasts or even quotes on news pieces. Ensure that you provide useful content by keeping yourself updated with the latest news and be familiar with the type of audience you are reaching out to. Public relations may be an old school trick, but done over a period of time can help you build your credibility in the industry.


9. Create a branding

Imagine someone carrying a tote bag around town with your branding. One way to get people to know you is to let them ‘see’ you. Create a tagline for yourself or design a logo and have them printed on your free give away items such as pens, notepads, mugs, etc. These are great novelty items that people will usually keep and an excellent way to increase top of mind recall.


10. Ask for testimonials and create a referral system

There is no other better way than to get your clients to provide a testimony of your services. Reach out to them, ask for a testimonial and publish them strategically on all your sites. Continue to build relations with your past clients and offer a referral fee for them to recommend you to other potential clients as well. 


11. Be creative in your content marketing

Make your content marketing entertaining and inspiring. For example, instead of just indicating “Three bedrooms semi-detached house with two bathrooms and small lawn available for sale” drum it up a little to say, “A fully-renovated semi-detached home with modern interior design. Consist of three large bedrooms and queen size bathrooms for a big family. Love a quiet family bbq? This property boasts your very own lawn for that perfect family gathering. Close amenities to the grocery store, a school, and hospital.” 


12. Develop a partnership programme with local partners

Consider a partnership with your local stores or shops in the area. For example, you can have your brochures or branding items given as a token at the store or have a placement of your advert on the table of your local coffeeshop or cafes.  Alternatively, you can also invite them to offer their products or services at your open house and events. It’s a win-win situation!


There are many other ways to help you market your business, but you can kick-start with these marketing strategies and put them into action anytime. It is never too late to make 2020 your year in the property market. 

This article is brought to you by Kartina Rosli

Partner/Editor (Op Ed), Marketing in Asia and Founder, Tin Communications