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How to maintain good relationship with my neighbor


Isn’t it nice if you live in a great community with friendly neighbors that greet you in the morning and
help you when you need it but there are also neighbors that are totally always in your space and gives
you the creep for being too nosy!

What can we do to reduce such headaches for ourselves with our neighbors? Well, communication is
the key, simple greetings when you meet and small gestures on occasions are good. Maintain a
normal relationship with your neighbor with small talks about their interest and share some recipes if
your neighbors are a good cook. It’s especially hard if your neighbor does not like to communicate, then
you can have peace of mind with neighbors like this, they won’t bother you with much, they would
totally ignore your existence.

If you feel like knowing your neighbor more, you can always invite them to your house for some tea
session and if your neighbor is an active person when it comes to sports, maybe you guys can share
some interest in working out together or doing some healthy activities around your housing
community. Get to know each other and be friends with each other, who knows you will build a good
relationship with them?

Be considerate towards one another, do not do things that you wish others would not do to you.
When blasting the music in your room, make sure to blast it at a considerate volume that doesn’t
annoy or cause noise disruption towards your neighbor. If there are any problems you encounter with
them, you can opt to communicate with them and tell them that you do not appreciate the noises
that they make and you hope that they can understand, with good communication, any problem will
not be a problem.

The most important part about being neighbors is to have each other’s backs. Whenever your
neighbor needs help, do the best you can to assist them because you do not know when you will need
their help in return. Sometimes, you may need the aunty beside your house to take care of your child
for a while as you need to do a quick errand run or help your neighbor take care of the house when
they go for a holiday or even just taking care of their pets while they are away is a nice gesture to do.

All in all, good and kind neighbors are hard to find, but if you have found one, make sure to keep
them close to you as they are true gems. Always communicate and talk it out if you have any
disagreements, do not keep to the heart of what they might have done to annoy you. Be the bigger
person to see beyond just that.