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How to identify if a property is haunted or not

Rarely but not uncommon, some people purchase a property at a strategic
location with a really low price, sometimes even below market price, just to find
out that the house is inhabited by invisible beings.

So, how can we identify if the property is ghouls free? Here are a few traditions
that we got from grandmothers and grandfathers to ward off unwanted spirits!

1) Bring Children or a dog to the unit viewing
If you have heard this before, then here we will remind you again! If you
have arranged to meet with the real estate agent for the unit viewing, it’s
wise to bring a child or a dog to the unit, if the place is not haunted or it’s
warm , the child will not cry and feel uncomfortable nor feel scared, as for
the dog, it will be happy running around. If there are evil spirits around,
the pet will either bark at empty spaces or feel scared and stick to you
closely. For this, you’ll have to pay extra attention to the expression of the
child as well as the behavior of the dog.

2) Bring a Feng Shui sifu or a medium with you
If you know of any mediums or feng shui sifus, then you should bring
them over to have a look at the house before you purchase it, usually if
there is anything wrong with the property, they will inform you
immediately and tell you not to buy it. Unless you have the will to really
buy the house, then they will help you to run the whole ceremony to get
rid of the ghosts. Otherwise, if the situation is too hard to handle then
listen to the sifu’s advice and scram away from the property!

3) Check the environment of the property
Houses with bright windows and direct sunlight are more likely not to be
haunted houses, you’ll also have to check the whole house and every
corner of the house, check for wet spots and dark areas, if you feel the
chills at particular areas or you feel uncomfortable then that house is a big
no no for you altogether.

4) Salt and Holy Water
Bring a bag of salt and holy water from your own religious belief, sprinkle
the salt in the house as you view it, and if you feel uneasy, you can use the
holy water to wash your face, if you still feel uncomfortable then stand
outside of the house and catch your breath, after that you can call off this
particular house, because the house is confirmed not holy and clean at all.

There you have it folks, overall, make sure to do your research before you make a
decision on a property, don’t feel shy to ask the locals about the history of the

property you are interested in, it’ll help you make a better and wiser decision.
Sometimes it’s never a bad thing to listen or practice old teaching as it also gets
us to where we are today for some people. Let us know in the comment box if
you have any tips that we’ve missed out! We’d love to hear from you!