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What are the difference between Apartment and Serviced-Apartment

Have you ever wondered why some places label themselves as apartments and some as serviced
apartments? Did you know that there are differences between these 2 properties? So today we will
be talking about the differences between apartment and serviced-apartment.

The first thing you’d need to know is that apartments are living spaces in a residential building while
serviced-apartments are living spaces in a commercial building. Apartments are usually bare units
however it depends on the developer if they want to provide partially furnished units and it doesn’t
cost you much for maintenance fees. Serviced- apartments are always sold as fully furnished units
with higher maintenance fees.

For those of you wondering how it works for rental between landlords and tenants, apartments are
mostly rented for extended stays and long term rental, it’s not allowed to be made as a short-term
rental vacation home as the property is residential title. As for serviced-apartment, it can be rented
out for long term and or short term vacation home. In general, commercial titled properties are
usually allowed to host vacationers on short term stays. Apartments are commonly rented out to
individuals or families with children, as for serviced apartments, it’s usually rented out to vacationers
and those on business trips.

The population density of an apartment is usually based on units or population per land size and as
for serviced-apartments, the population density is based on plot ratio or the total built-up area per
land size, this may mean that you’ll have more neighbours. And if you are wondering, the utility rates
for apartments are subject to residential rates while serviced-apartments are subject to commercial

Finally, the environment for both properties are different, while some apartments might not have a
lot of facilities, it is more for the family, you won’t have strangers walking in and out of the building,
as for serviced-apartments, you’ll see different faces everyday and not much of your neighbour as
they might be renting their unit out as a vacation home, facilities might be better than compared to
apartments, security wise, it’s almost similar with the basic gated and guarded facility, however there
might be more lenience at serviced-apartments as compared to apartments where they might be
more strict.

There you have it, we hope this sorts out your confusion and helps you to understand the difference
between apartments and serviced-apartments! Happy shopping for your new home!