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The ONE (Often Unsaid) Rule of Successful Real Estate Sales

To be a real estate agent is to be in the people business. Simply because it is predominantly a sales role, we will come across many types of people. And in dealing with the many types of people, we will experience a wide spectrum of human emotions, and on a daily basis too. 

Fear. Frustration. Disgust. Betrayal. Distrust. Impatience. 

And there’s an achievement. Joy. Gratitude. Peace. Pride (in a good way). Fulfilment. 

Simply put though, there are generally two main categories of emotions, ie. Positive vs. Negative.

If you look at the list of emotions above, which ones caught your attention at a first glance?

If you’re not a normal person, you would have picked a positive emotion. 

And that is exactly it. As human beings, our brains are highly evolved and at the same time very old. To first focus on the negativity was and is still a survival mechanism. That is why news channels continue to thrive today. We simply “love” bad news! 

But in the context of sales, this understanding of human psychology also leads us to the ONE (often unsaid) rule of success, especially within the real estate industry. 

Your blade of positivity must be sharp

I’m sure that you already know that positivity is a state of mind. But did you know that positivity is something that can be trained? Exactly like a habit, to be sharp in positivity requires a conscious effort and consistency over a period of time. To be more precise, to be positive is a lifestyle. Similarly but on the flip side, negativity is technically a lifelong bad habit that we need to kick.  

“Why?” you might ask. Well, what if I told you that just by being positive, your intelligence, creativity & productivity increases? What if I told you that positivity will increase your sales by 38%

It’s no longer a myth. Since the beginning of the 21st century, there have been more and more studies and research done on the effect of our emotions on our overall lifestyle, well being and also productivity, ie. work. Go google Shawn Achor and Robert Waldinger. We’re advancing and evolving as human beings. And so far, we have already become experts of our physical world. But now, it is time for us to master our internal world. 

Change is the one thing that is constant in life. And the great thing of the coming era is that through research and the development of new tools, we are now discovering how to deal with that change positively, instead of the stress and negativity that typically comes with it. 

Simply put, things are getting better and easier for us physically, mentally and emotionally. Doesn’t that sound great?

But as I always do, I leave you with a decision. Will you adapt and evolve with these new findings? Or will you continue to operate with the existing, soon to be out of date software of your brain?

Lots of love,

Coach Alex.

Written by Coach Alexander See, PropCoach