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The Unspoken Side of Communication & Sales

We all know that real estate agents are in the business of sales. And to be in sales, it is also widely understood that the ability to communicate is essential. 

However, what is communication? What does it mean to be great in sales?

Having been in the business of real estate sales and business coaching for several years now, the common answer that we get comes in slightly different forms but always comes with the key point of being able to “talk”. Whilst it is true, it is technically only one component of being truly good in sales. 

Imagine this…

You’ve taken a liking to a special someone (I’m using dating as an example for the sake of making this relatable to those of you who are not in sales; for those of you in sales, treat that “special someone” as a sales lead). 

And you’d like to get closer to this special someone. You have three options for communicating with this person. 

  1. Communicate via text messages only
  2. Communicate via phone calls only
  3. Communicate via face to face meetings only 

Out of the three options, which option do you think would help you build a relationship with that “special someone” most effectively?

If you’re like most people, you would have selected Option C. (If you didn’t, then you’re likely from another planet other than earth. I’m joking!)

You see… Being human, we innately know the best way to form relationships with other people. But when it comes to sales (or dating for that matter), our emotions, specifically fear, get the better of us. We allow our emotions to dictate the way we behave and act. And most often in sales, it leads to literally nothing. We lose that sales lead, we lose that sale, we get nothing. And in real estate, we lose more than that. We lose precious time. 

So, what should we (real estate agents and salespeople from other industries alike) pay attention to? 

You’ll find the answers in the three options above. 

Option A reflects the words we use. Option B reflects our voice. Option C reflects our body language. 

Now, did you know that these three components make up 7%, 38% and 55% of communication respectively? 

The unspoken side of communication & sales is your body language. So, the question is have you been mindful of your body language whenever you meet your clients? Or dates alike? Whether you’ve been successful or unsuccessful in sales so far, chances are your body language has played a significant role. 

What can you do about it? I’ll give you a clue. Go look up mirroring & matching. And you have a couple of options. You can either use Uncle Google. OR come speak to us at PropCoach. 

Don’t say that I didn’t give you any value or left you hanging. 😉

To your success (wherever in life you are),

Coach Alex See.

Written by Coach Alexander See, PropCoach