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The “Yes (wo)Man” Agent

When you meet that one agent (or a person you know) who fits the keywords of this title, ask him or her…


Your head probably tilted to the side, and you’re most probably (at the very least) a little confused. But that is exactly the reaction you want to elicit in that one agent (or a person you know). 

Why, you ask? 

By the way, great. You’ve now learnt to ask why too.

Whatever industry you’re from, we all know that to be a real estate agent means to be in the sales industry. And it’s exactly the world of sales which we need to understand. 

You see… sales is all about targets. It’s all about speed. It’s all about “BAM-BAM-BAM. I want my commission now!”. In some industries like real estate, it is “do or die”, ie. If an agent doesn’t close a deal, there goes their livelihood. And under such circumstances, it’s only natural that people begin to live day to day, but not in the sense of survival, instead as a way of life, the “agent life”. Interestingly though, agents, and salespeople alike, ironically, become short-sighted. 

“Can I close a deal today so I can….”

Survive for the next month. Feed my kids. Take my family on holiday. Pay for my loved one’s medical bills. Get closer to my sales target. Get awarded as Agent of the Month. Get that promotion. Get that incentive trip. Get that new car. Finally, get my dream home.

I think you get the idea this far. You could complete that sentence with a plethora of personal reasons. 

But the other perspective, the main point of this article, is what this kind of lifestyle does to people. Quite literally, this lifestyle is a form of training in the art of becoming a “Yes (wo)Man”. Do it long enough and you will eventually become a “Yes Master”. 

But do you want to?

I don’t think so.

How, you ask?

Fortunately for all of us, it’s easy to fix! And it comes down to understanding the concept of consequences and subsequently guiding principles

Consequences can be simply defined as results or outcomes of a specific action. But have you heard of the first order, second order & third order consequences? Simply put, it is about looking forwards into the future to see the domino effect of an action. But not a long line of dominos because nobody can predict the future entirely. However, we can still look into the very near future the results of our actions. And here is the biggest problem of living the “agent life”…

Agents (and many people alike) tend to make decisions based on first order consequences. 

There’s another term for it, “Instant Gratification”. And we all know what happens most of the time when we do so. It typically doesn’t end with good feelings. 

With this understanding of consequences, the next step would be to create your own guiding principles of life. Ask yourself this… When should I say no?

I’ll give you a couple of ideas to start with. 

  1. When it will harm you, be it the second or third order. (unless you love taking risks)
  2. When it will kill you

And here’s a final practical tip. Gather information first before you make a decision! (But to those of you who take too much time to gather information, you know your answer lies on the opposite end of this spectrum, ie. to say YES)

In short, the Yes Man is a product of the lack of self-awareness. And my duty is to awaken you. Because whatever it is that you do, I know you seek success & prosperity. 

So, remember that the fine line between a life of abundance and a life of fear is self-awareness. And the crux of it lies in what you choose to do about it. So, choose! If you don’t, it will choose you. 

Lots of love,

Coach Alex

Written by Coach Alexander See, PropCoach