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Edutech Company ‘Sam Corporation’ Launches ‘Story Creator’ on Kickstarter in the U.S. on November 24

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Sam Corporation’, a tenant company of the ICT-Cultural Convergence Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, announced that it has launched a creative board game ‘Story Creater’ on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site based in the U.S.

A creative media convergence education and edutech company connecting creativity and imagination through images, Sam Corporation currently operates story creator, media creator, and We Creator, an online integrated platform service.

Story Creator, introduced this time through Kickstarter, is a story creation board game that combines and fuses individual information such as characters, backgrounds, and events to help learners think in context. It has been developed into a transparent card form to help learners’ imagination. In the past, it was recognized for its potential by drawing huge responses from the gifted and talented students of Burnett Creek Elementary School in Indiana.

Through its launch, Sam Corporation plans to spread K-education to the world and accelerate its entry into the US market, which is the largest in the world. Currently, it has established a branch in New York, registered in Amazon Seller Central, and secured distribution networks, preparing for future expansion into the global market.

According to Sam Corporation’s plan, the storytelling matrix analysis system will be able to analyze aptitude and preferences with the stories produced by learners through We Creator, and self-directed, AI-based educational model can also be released.

CEO Jae-beom Park said, “We plan to develop an AI-based integrated platform that can analyze learners’ aptitudes and tastes and help them emotionally using We Creator, an integrated online platform that can link story creators and media creators.”

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