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Designing My Own Wardrobe

Creating your own wardrobe with the help of a builder or by buying components and putting them together means you get exactly what you need.

First: Measure 

You need to measure the height of the walls as well as the width. Your builder can measure to fit but if you’re buying modular pieces and putting them together, you need to include a bit of wriggle space so you can set things up. Discuss this with the salespeople and check the instructions.

The tricky bit is deciding how deep you want it to be. If you can, deeper is better because it gives you more storage space but too deep means you have drawers you never see the back of.

Tip: If you buy large clothes sizes, your things take up more space so go for the bigger sizes.

Second: Inventory with your clothes

Divide it into things that have to hang in short spaces (like shirts) long spaces (like coats) and what goes in drawers (socks and knickers). Don’t forget ties and scarves that may be bundled into a drawer at present but that would benefit from being showcased.

Tips: This way you can easily find your things at their respective places as everything has its own home. 

Third: Storage space and items needed

You need to consider shelves, rods, baskets, and drawers as well as hooks. This is to make sure you have enough storage space for vacation stuff that you won’t be needing all the time, an organizer to organize your item so it can be found easily and stuff such as hooks and shelves to elevate the area. 

Tip: there are loads of apps online that will help you decide this. All you need to do is plug in the space you have and then the number of items you have, for example, 10 pairs of shoes, 12 shirts, eight dresses, etc. Google “closet design app” for good links.


Forth: Hangers

What do you think you’ll need for hangers, what material, what color, and what kind you’ll need, so to make it all look neat then you can use all the same one!

Enjoy yourself in the process and you’ll feel the satisfaction of having your own wardrobe done!