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Malaysia recognized as top international destination for medical tourism

Located in Southeast Asia, in between Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, lies a country known as Malaysia. This country is full of history and had made headlines in international news for quite a few reasons, and one of it is being the top international destination for medical tourism. 


Medical tourism can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. Medical tourism can help you to receive the best treatment in a foreign land with a fraction of the cost to a developed country, it also provides an opportunity for the other country’s economic recovery and growth. 


Malaysia is one of the globally recognized countries for medical tourism, surpassing the United States, this was announced by the chief executive officer of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( MHTC ), Sherene Azli. 


Although Malaysia is considered a third world country, the medical facilities here are nothing lesser compared to other first world countries, medical tourism is becoming more and more common than it was compared to 10 years ago, seeking medical treatment in Malaysia is now a choice for those in underdeveloped countries. The medical bill is not as expensive as compared to what they are charged in their hometown, and some countries do not even have the facilities to help those who are in need of medical attention.

In certain countries, the doctors are not well trained enough with knowledge or experience to help the patients who seek medical attention, this is one of the reasons why medical tourism exists, to assist and help those who seek treatment. Malaysia has many specialists and general practitioners that are ready to assist and help treat patients who are ill, foreign patients are also able to choose which medical center they wish to seek treatment at, as Malaysia has different hospitals around the country charging from mid to high range. 


Locals are able to seek medical attention in General Hospitals where treatments are reduced to affordable costings, this will be able to help citizens who are unable to afford expensive medical bills to seek affordable medical treatments. Furthermore, medicines in Malaysia aren’t as expensive as compared to other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Prescribed medicine is only available in hospitals and clinics while pharmacies are able to sell mild medication to those who do not wish to seek a doctor’s opinion. 


Lastly, a United Kingdom-based International Medical Travel Journal(IMTJ) ranked Malaysia as the top destination in 2019 as it attracted 1.3 million medical tourists, while the US only recorded five hundred and fifty thousand (5500,000) inbound patients. Hopefully, after the pandemic, Malaysia will be able to return to its glory once again in medical tourism to help boost the economy of the country!