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Fengshui Taboos when buying a new property

Fengshui is one of the important aspects when selecting a house for own stay. Although some argues that the house owners’ pat chi are important factors in fengshui when selecting own stay property, there are some general rules that we need to follow, let’s look at these general rules: –

  1. Avoid property where the kitchen and bathroom are directly in view from the main entrance.
    For good Feng Shui, make sure that when you enter your house from the main entrance, it has to be the living room, if it’s directly facing the kitchen or bathroom, it’s a big NO NO, it will cause bad fortune to the people living in the property. Modren designs nowadays often design the property, with the main door facing the kitchen or bathroom to save space, however, it’s better to avoid such design.

    2. Avoid bedroom’s  door facing directly with the main entrance, or else the house residents would tend to be wanderers.
    As the door is facing the main door, it will push a bad chi energy towards the person sleeping in the room, amking that person often a wanderer outside of the property, and give that person an opportunity to often head out of the house do not want to come back.

    3. if the living room located at the center of the house, it would bring the luck to the family.
    the living room is the main chi of the property, it’s where family gather and spend time to gether, for good relationship and good luck, the living room is best to be located in the middle of the property, even better if it’s located at the entrance area where you open the main door.

    4. Master bedroom must be retangular or squarish, odd shape masterbedroom would lead to infertility.
    For couples who are trying to have a baby, take note on this as odd shaped rooms may not be good luck for you and your husband.

    5. Avoid mirror near the bed, or it would affect the sleeping quality

Mirrors are said to have the reflection of demons and bad luck, avoid putting any mirrors infront of the bed facing you while you rest, or facing any doors at home as it will reflect the unwanted beings and bring bad luck to you and your family, it will also affect your sleep quality and putting it above your head when you sleep will cause you nightmares everynight. 


There you have it, make sure to avoid all these unwanted bad luck! Happy shopping for your new property!