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Important tips to keep in mind when moving out of your rented home.

There comes a time when most young adults must leave their hometown and rent a place to live in other parts of the country or even move overseas, and it’s common that many learn new tips and tricks each time they move. Well, you need not seek further as Property Queen has come up with a list of tips for all of you who are moving out of your rented place to another. 


1) Change mailing addresses
Remember to notify your WiFi provider, landline provider ( if you have one ),bank, subscriptions and more, to change your current billing address to your new address, this will avoid any unnecessary inconvenience on your billing cycle. Best to do it 2 – 3 weeks before your move.

2) Installation of WiFi
Two ways to go about it, if you are canceling your current WiFi service and getting a new one, make sure to have the installation date closer to when you are moving, for example, if you are going to officially live in the property from the 1st of the month, make sure to have them install a week earlier, or a few days earlier, make sure to be there to check on the installation and try out the WiFi, if there happens to be any issue, you can still contact the service provider to check on the connection. The second way is if you are using your old service provider at your new location, please make sure to contact your WiFi service provider 2 – 3 weeks in advance to set a date for them to dismantle the WiFi at your current location and setup the system at the new place. It takes some time to arrange, therefore best to do it earlier just to be safe.

3) Request for early move in at your new place
It’s common for many tenants to have the need to move their items into their new place earlier than the stated move-in date. This is to give you the convenience of moving your items, installing electrical appliances and more. It’s also more efficient to be able to move your things before the actual date, then you’ll be organized and not rush at all 


4) Double check before handing over the keys
Make sure to double check the house before you hand over your keys to your landlord, it’s best to check if there are any defects in the house, make sure to put it back to the original state.It’s best to keep a good reputation with your landlord, you will never known when you will need their help again.

5) Pack earlier
Make sure to pack ahead so that you won’t leave out your things, make a list so that you do not miss out on the important things you may have kept somewhere that you might have forgotten. Better to be safe than sorry, right?


Lastly, we hope all of you have a good time moving and have a smooth procedure, good luck!