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What can you do with your balcony

The traditional thing to do with your balcony is using it to dry your laundry, some of you make it into your mini garden and some would love to just leave it as it is and open the doors of your balcony when you need to, today, we have a few ideas to share with you on what you can do to your balcony!

1) Mini Gym
You can make your gym into a mini workout station, if your balcony is made of grills, you can cover the grill with a layer of acrylic to cover the holes in between the grills. You can place yoga mats and keep your workout tools outside.

2) Mini Study Area
Who needs a room to study in if you have a great view? You can add in a swing bed for your balcony, a small coffee table by the side, if it’s too warm, you can add a wall fan on your balcony for just the right amount of wind, it’s very comfortable and relaxing.

3) BBQ & Steamboat area
Yes, the best place to have your BBQ and steamboat is at your balcony. The steam and the smell goes straight out to the open air and you can close your glass door to make sure the smell doesn’t go into the house.

4) Extra Living area
If your management allows it, you can cover up your balcony area, add in a pivot window that is able to open and close at anytime you please, this is good, so that when it’s raining, you can close the window to avoid the rain water from spraying into your balcony, which can cause the balcony to be dirty afterwards.  It’ll give you more space in the house and it can also be an extra living area.

5) Storage Space
If you love cycling and mountain biking, you can keep your bikes at your balcony, you can even add water pipes at your balcony area to properly wash your bikes. It’s also a great place to store extra items you don’t quite use.

And here it is, 5 ideas for you to turn your balcony into something more useful than just another ordinary balcony! For more articles like this, remember to follow Property Queen Facebook and website.