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Inauguration of SUEZ’s Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant in Macao: Unwavering Commitment to Leading on Sustainable Development

MACAO, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On 30 November 2021, Macao Water, a SUEZ subsidiary, officially commissioned the newly completed Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant. The new facility will increase Macao Water’s total daily water supply capacity from the current 390,000 m3 to 520,000 m3, a level sufficient to meet Macao’s growing water demand for the next decade. The project represents a new chapter for Macao’s water supply industry.

Under the joint witness of more than 100 guests, including important officials from the Chinese Central Government and relevant government departments in Zhuahai and Macao, SUEZ’s Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant in Macao was inaugurated and officially put into operation.
Under the joint witness of more than 100 guests, including important officials from the Chinese Central Government and relevant government departments in Zhuahai and Macao, SUEZ’s Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant in Macao was inaugurated and officially put into operation.

In light of Macao’s urban development master plan, and to enable complementary water supply in the north and the south, the Macao SAR Government reached a cooperation agreement with the Mainland China water authorities, to jointly construct the fourth water supply pipeline to Macao and build a fourth water treatment plant (WTP). This new WTP will be based on Macao’s outlying island and will have a daily treatment capacity of 130,000 m3, mainly providing water supply services to local residents, as well as to industrial and commercial customers. This new development will further improve the security and stability of Macao’s entire water supply.

Seac Pai Van WTP is the first WTP in Macao to receive a “One-star” rating from China’s Green Building Evaluation Label, in acknowledgement of its efforts to use a ‘green plant’ concept and to blend that with the landscape of the Seac Pai Van reservoir. The WTP also uses SUEZ’s patented Pulsatube®, Pulsazur® and Aquazur-V filtration water treatment technologies to remove organic matter and micro-pollutants. It also deploys solar-powered street lights, an efficient pumping system, and reclaimed water reuse solutions. In combination, these measures achieve significant energy savings and reduce the plant’s carbon footprint.

Susana Wong Soi Man, Director of the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) said, “The completed Seac Pai Van WTP, together with the fourth water supply pipeline to Macao and the existing public water pipelines, form an integrated public water supply system for raw water, water production and water transmission. This changes the previously north-to-south unidirectional water supply in Macao and creates two water supply centers for the peninsula and its outlying islands. The result is a significantly more resilient water supply infrastructure to react to emergencies.” Ms. Wong also thanked SUEZ, and its subsidiary, Macao Water, for supporting the SAR Government’s policy of optimizing water resource management in Macao, driving improvements in water supply security and quality, and contributing to Macao’s sustainable socio-economic development.

Steve Clark, SUEZ’s CEO for Asia, said, “We are grateful for the support and trust of the Macao SAR government, its citizens, and other stakeholders. Their support and trust have been indispensable to SUEZ’s integration and success in Macao for over 30 years. With China having announced its dual carbon goals and plans to accelerate its green transformation, Macao is poised to continue to play a pivotal role in China’s ambitious development plan. We’re stepping up our efforts to protect the health of Macao’s citizens, as well as the safety of its water resources and environment. We also have an unwavering commitment to working with the Macao SAR Government to help Macao become a model of sustainable development.”

SUEZ has been an integral part of Macao’s social development for over 30 years

SUEZ has been providing safe, reliable, and quality water services to Macao residents through Macao Water since 1985. Macao Water was SUEZ’s first PPP project in Asia that leveraged the Group’s global expertise and its smart water solutions, to help Macao achieve its vision of becoming a smart city. In recent years, Macao Water has maintained a 7% non-revenue water rate, consistently leading the world and outperforming China’s target to be below a 9% non-revenue water rate by 2025. Leakage in the network has significantly fallen, saving 2 million m3 of water every year, equivalent to the water consumption of about 3,200 households. Macao Water has also been recognized as the most successful PPP model in Asia and a benchmark for China’s water industry for its operational and service excellence. The company is regularly celebrated by various stakeholders for its dedication to its mission to create shared value for all.

About SUEZ:

Since the end of the 19th century, SUEZ has built expertise aimed at helping people to constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth. With an active presence on five continents, SUEZ and its 90,000 employees strive to preserve our environment’s natural capital: water, soil, and air. SUEZ provides innovative and resilient solutions in water management, waste recovery, site remediation and air treatment, optimising municipalities’ and industries’ resource management through “smart” cities and improving their environmental and economic performance. The Group delivers sanitation services to 64 million people and produces 7.1 billion m3 of drinking water. SUEZ is also a contributor to economic growth, with more than 200,000 jobs created directly and indirectly on an annual basis, and a provider of new resources, with 4.2 million tonnes of secondary raw materials produced. By 2030, the Group is targeting 100% sustainable solutions, with a positive impact on our environment, health and climate. SUEZ generated total revenue of €17.2 billion in 2020.

About SUEZ Asia:

With a strong presence of 60+ years in South East Asia and 45+ years in Greater China, SUEZ is a preferred partner in helping authorities and industrial clients develop water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industries to optimize their resource management and strengthen their environment and economic performances. With 9,000+ employees and 70+ joint ventures with local partners, the Group has built 600+ water and wastewater plants, with 32+ million people benefiting from our water and waste services. Today, SUEZ is recognized as one of the most influential companies and a service benchmark in leading the region’s environmental industry. We operate China’s first PPP water contract in Macau, one of Asia’s largest hazardous waste treatment facilities in Shanghai, as well as a plastic recycling plant in Thailand. It is also a leader in Hong Kong’s waste management industry and delivers environmental services to 23 industrial parks.

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